Friendly Nations Permanent Residency in Panama

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  1. Hello,

    What is the cost of going through the process for the Friendly Nations Visa?

    Is it true that after 5 years or so, you can apply for citizenship?



    • Panama Immigration dice:

      Good afternoon Mr. Forsberg,

      Correct, you can apply to the Panamanian citizenship 5 years after your permanent residency is granted. One of the lawyers will be sending you information concerning the Friendly Nations Permanent Residency.

  2. no se la pagina esta en ingles por favor traducirla a español, quiero ir panamá.

  3. Dean Thompson dice:

    Is this process still available? If so could you please forward me some more information.

  4. Raul G. dice:

    Hello, I am also interested in the friendly nation visa, and would much like to receive the latest requirements as in documents and all.
    Please send me an email. Thank you in advance. Raul (The Netherlands).

  5. +84 972 070103 dice:


    I’m from Vietnam.. Please help to send me more details about this program..

    Thanks you,


  6. David Black dice:

    Good afternoon,

    I am looking to obtain residency as fast as possible in Panama, and am interested in the ‘Friendly Nations Visa’ and am a UK citizen. I am cashing in a UK pension fund with a significant amount of money in it, and wish to take it tax free as a resident of Panama, as the UK has a ‘Double Tax Treaty’ with Panama, which means once I am a Panama resident I can take my funds tax free.

    I already have the following items established in Panama:

    1) A personal bank account (Scotia bank)
    2) A business bank account (Capital Bank)
    3) A registered corporation/business in Panama, as shown below:

    Nomad Capital Corporation,
    Cédula Jurídica [RUC]: 2401815-1-804937
    Edificio Credicorp Bank, Apt. #26
    Calle 50 – Bella Vista,

    Bearing in mind that I am already well established in Panama, please can you send me a quotation, and is it actually easier and less costly for me to get residency as I am already a business owner in Panama?

    I have lived in Costa Rica for the past 10 years, and so am already a resident of Costa Rica (I am a British citizen with a UK passport) so again surely this makes it easier and less costly to become a resident in Panama?

    Also the reason I am becoming a resident in Panama is because I wish to have my UK pension paid in Panama tax free, and as soon as I become a resident I will be able to release substantial funds from the UK of an initial $165,000 USD and so on this basis would I be able to get some kind of short-term financial advance to pay for the legal fees and the $5,000 for the bank account, which would be paid immediately + interest once my residency was approved and my funds from the UK released….would this be possible?

    Please send me a quotation bearing in mind the additional information I have provided for you above.

    Kind regards,

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