Retiree Permanent Residency in Panama

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  1. David L. Bolles dice:

    I would like to see some pricing for these services. Do I need to engage the services of an attorney?

    • Panama Immigration dice:

      Good afternoon Mr. Bolles,

      Yes, you need an attorney for this process, we have contacted you for further details.


  2. Stan Underwood dice:

    I also would appreciate some information on fees for your legal services, as well as the costs of filing fees. Thank you and gracias!

  3. ERIC BASTOL dice:

    Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
    I am French , I live in Thailand since 3 years with my wife .
    We would like to live in Panama next year.
    Is it easy to get the Visa Pensionado (I am retired French Navy ).
    But my wife would like to work in Panama in freelance ( Network Marketing ; Direct sell) ;
    Which visa she need to get the work permit ? Is it easy ? Does she need to set up a Company to get her Work Permit ?
    How much is the cost of your services to give advices ?
    Do we need to consult an attorney to get the Visas ?
    Thanks for your answer,
    Kind Regards,

  4. Mr. Leslie A. Todd dice:

    Hello, I am a retired person with a Government pension and interested in applying for the Pensionado Visa.

  5. Wayne dice:

    Does the $1000 a month cover me and my wife?

    • Panama Immigration dice:

      If your wife is not retired and she will apply with you as a dependent then the minimum of your retirement should be of US$1250.00. If your wife is also retired, the total amount of both retirements can be of US$1000.00. Please let us know if yo have any inquiries and we will be happy to assist in your process, do not hesitate on writing us to

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